YCN Students Evening

The Young Ceramists Network (YCN) is an initiative of the European Ceramic Society (ECerS) sponsored by the JECS Trust. This non-profit network aims at bringing young students and professionals currently doing research on Ceramics.

Young ceramist researchers, that is, Master and PhD students including early stage PhD`s are invited to register to attend the Student’s evening to have the opportunity to socialize, interact and discuss their work in a warm and festive atmosphere. A great opportunity to start professional and/or friendly relationships, to initiate collaborative networks and plan lab visits.


The YCN Students Evening will be held on Tuesday 18th June at the Murazzi Student Zone, which is located near the Po river, in one of the liveliest areas of Torino, as you can see at the following link: https://www.murazzistudentzone.it/


Please, remember that registration is mandatory, and that you can fill it at the following link:



Deadline for registration is 24 May 2019.