Student Speech Contest


Sunday, 16 June and Monday, 17 June • Room 7 Main Pavilion, Politecnico di Torino

The student speech contest at the biannual ECerS conference is an event where young
research students, representing each of the ECerS member countries, are able to give an oral presentation that is evaluated by a jury.


The presentation duration will be 15 minutes, followed by questions from the jury and the audience.


• Each member country of ECerS can send one (PhD, MSc, BSc) research student as the candidate of their country for the ECerS student speech contest.
• The oral presentation at the contest should be based on research work that the
candidate has performed himself/herself at a research institution in the country he/she is representing.
• Graduate representatives must be within their first five years of full time research at the time of the speech.
• If the representative is a PhD student, the candidate can participate in the
competition if he/she defends (or will defend) his/her thesis after September 1, 2018.
• The candidate obtains free registration to ECerS XVI
• The national ceramic societies are requested to pay the costs for travelling of their candidate student. If some societies are facing any difficulty for paying for the travelling of their candidate student, individual requests can be addressed to the ECerS secretariat asking for support.
• Accommodation will be provided by the conference organizers with the support of the JECS Trust.
• The national society will inform the ECerS educational working group as well as the conference organisers not later than April 30, 2019 who will be the representative of their country1.


The candidates should not register for the conference through the web page. Once the national societies inform about their candidates, the conference organizers will contact the candidate to give instructions about abstract submission, registration and lodging.


The following data from the candidate should be sent by e‐mail (before April 30 2019):


• Name of the candidate
• Name and address of university/institute
• E‐mail address
• Date of birth
• (Expected) date of defence of BSc, MSc or PhD thesis
• Title of presentation


Contact for Young Ceramists and Training Working Group, Andraž Kocjan:
Contact for the conference organizers: Professor Paolo