How to get to Turin

Turin is well-connected with the rest of Italy and with Europe, and is easy to get to by air or land. The city has a central position in Europe.


Turin Airport
The international airport of Torino Caselle is 16 km from the city centre, connected by bus service from/to with a 40 mins. ride, and by train in 19 mins.

The Airport provides direct flights to the main European/Intercontinental hubs:
Frankfurt: 4 flights a day, Munich: 5 flights a day, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Bucharest, Casablanca, Copenhagen, Dublin, Edinburgh, Istanbul, Lisbon, London , Luxembourg , Madrid, Moscow, Paris, Warsaw  and many others.


Getting to the airport:
• By train – a railway line connects Caselle airport with Dora GTT Station in Turin ( Departures every 30 minutes. Journey time: 19 minutes. A bus route connects the Dora GTT and Porta Susa stations, quickly and easily.
• By bus – the centre of Turin is easily reachable in 40 minutes using the SADEM bus service.
• Taxis can be found outside the airport, outside the Arrival gate.
The journey time is about 30 minutes between the airport and the center of Turin with an approximate cost of 30 €.
Info at TAXI TORINO: tel. (+39) 011 5730/37)
App to easily book the ride:


Malpensa Airport
Malpensa Airport is one of the most important hub in Italy and about 110 km from Turin. It is linked to Turin by bus in 1hr 40mins.

Torino – Malpensa Airport Terminal 1
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Torino  – Aeroporto Malpensa Terminal 1 and 2
STOPS fron monday to Sunday
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Turin is well connected to national and international rail networks.
Frequent high-speed trains connect to: Milan: 40 mins, Venice: 3.45 hrs, Florence: 2.43 hrs, Rome: 3.52 hrs, Naples: 5.35 hrs, Paris: 5.40 hrs.
The city’s main railway station is TORINO PORTA NUOVA.
Situated in the city centre, it is conveniently close to the major tourist attractions.
The station area is also the principal node for buses serving the city and surrounding area.


Other important railway station is TORINO PORTA SUSA. Local trains connect the two stations otherwise you can catch local busses or taxi to reach the city center.
Italian railway services are operated by Trenitalia and Italo.




Piemonte is equipped with efficient and modern access routes and is reachable from all over Europe by means of five motorways:
• A32 Torino – Fréjus from France;
• A5 Torino – Monte Bianco from France and Switzerland;
• A4 Torino Milano – Venezia from central and eastern Europe;
• A6 Torino – Savona from Liguria and southern France;
• A21 Torino – Piacenza from central and southern Italy.


T1 Traforo del Monte Bianco


T2 Traforo del Gran San Bernardo


T4 Traforo del Fréius


If you arrive in Turin by car, park it and use public transportation or special tourist transportation to reach the chief parts of the city.
Pay particular attention to the notices marking the points of access to the Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL), which corresponds to the historic centre (monitored by electronic gates with information in English), to enter which requires previous authorization.
If you are looking for accommodation, the hotelier to whom you have applied or the garage where you intend to park can provide you with temporary access to the ZTL according to a specific procedure.