Silicate Ceramics

Symposium organizer

Alpagut Kara

Local symposium organizer

Maria Chiara Bignozzi

The EU ceramics industry is a world leader in producing uniquely designed high quality ceramic products such as tiles, sanitary ware, tableware, brick and roof tiles, and refractories. However, the silicate based traditional ceramic and construction materials industry needs to continuously evolve and adapt to the challenges of an increasingly competitive and sustainable industry. Consequently, considerable attention is required by the sector to research and development in all aspects: from design to digital decoration, from new products to new applications, to innovation in the materials and the manufacturing processes, and to input from progress in many other fields of advanced materials. Examples of major challenges can be given as increasing benefit of such products by incorporating new functions or improving existing ones, digital applications, reducing the energy cost and emissions during production, selecting and preparing raw materials for new recipes, recycling of wastes, and so on.
This symposium aimsat reviewingthe recent advances in the products, processes and equipment of silicate based ceramics.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Industrial ceramics
  • Geopolymers and cements
  • Glasses and glazes
  • Inks
  • Technology updates (Industry 4.0)

Symposium organizer
Alpagut Kara (Anadolu University, TR)
Local symposium organizer
Maria Chiara Bignozzi (Ceramic Center of Bologna and University of Bologna, IT)

Symposium Co-organizers
Cristina Leonelli (UniversityofModena e Reggio Emilia, IT)
Sylvie Rossignol (CEC SPCTS UNILIM, FR)
Janusz Partyka (AGH University of Science and Technology, PL)
Claudio Bizzaglia (Tile Council of North America, US)
Bekir Karasu (Anadolu University, TR)
Enrique Sanchez Vilches (University Jaume I, ES)
Anselmo O. Boschi (Federal University of São Carlos, BR)
Ung Soo Kim (Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology, KR)