Innovative processing and synthesis

Symposium organizer

Fabrice Rossignol

Local symposium organizer

Enrico Bernardo

This symposium will focus on reviewing the state-of-art on advanced processing methods for ceramics: including advanced technical oxide and non-oxide ceramics, silicates and refractories, as well as composites. The following strategic areas will be of particular interest: new developments in concepts and technologies for powder synthesis, forming, sintering and additive manufacturing (AM).

The symposium will provide an excellent opportunity to discuss key aspects on these topics, for example on how far the community may improve architecture and micro(nano)structure control by using robust, flexible, and customizable production approaches to make ground-breaking high performance materials and advanced structures.

The symposium will provide an international forum for scientists, engineers and technologists to discuss and exchange ideas. Advanced characterization methods associated to processing and synthesis are also eligible. We welcome people from industry, academia, research centres and laboratories to share how their forefront research can help addressing technological issues faced by the industry and especially the new issues linked to industry 4.0.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Powder syntheses: wet-chemistry, hydrothermal and micro-wave, preceramic polymers, laser and plasma based processes.
  • Novel forming methods: shaping of ceramic suspensions, soft chemistry and sol-gel, gel casting, ice-templating, temperature-induced forming, direct foaming.
  • Additive Manufacturing and Hybridization Technologies: new feedstocks materials and innovative methods for the production of AM ceramic parts/components with enhancedreliability,functionality and performance, including multi-material systems, multi-scale architectures and smart materials, hybrid manufacturing technologies (additive/additive or additive/subtractive).

Symposium organizer
Fabrice Rossignol (IRCER-CNRS, FR)
Local symposium organizer
Enrico Bernardo (University of Padova, IT)

Symposium Co-organizers
Giorgia Franchin (University of Padova, IT)
Esther García-Tuñón (University of Liverpool, UK)
Jens Günster (BAM, DE)
Gary Messing (The Pennsylvania State University, USA)
Pedro Miranda (University of Estremadura, ES)
Fabrice Petit (Belgian Ceramic Research Centre, BE)
Martin Schwentenwein (Lithoz GmbH, AT)