HT Processes and Advanced Sintering

Symposium organizer

Jon Binner

Local symposium organizer

Vincenzo M. Sglavo

Until very recently, with the advent of the so-called ‘cold sintering’, almost all ceramic materials require a high temperature processing step, whether this is via the use of conventional or ‘unconventional’ sintering or alternative techniques such as joining or other high temperature processes. This symposium focuses on exploring developments in these different processes.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • ‘Conventional’ sintering approaches (basics of sintering, sintering models and microstructural evolution during sintering; sintering of multi-material and multi-layer systems; sintering of additively manufactured green bodies; pressure-assisted sintering (hot-pressing, hot isostatic pressing, sinter-forging, etc.; reactive sintering)
  • ‘Unconventional’ sintering (field assisted sintering technologies (e.g. SPS, microwave sintering, flash sintering, etc.; selective laser sintering; cold sintering; improved materials through use of advanced sintering techniques)
  • Joining and integration of ceramics (joining of ceramics and CMCs to similar or dissimilar materials; high temperature wetting of ceramics by metals; design, tailoring and modelling of joints and interfaces)
  • Infiltration techniques (RMI; Microwave CVI; RF CVI)
  • Other high temperature processes (thermal treatments; fibre processing; infrared heating)

Symposium organizer
Jon Binner (University of Birmingham, GB)
Local symposium organizer
Vincenzo M. Sglavo (University of Trento, IT)

Symposium Co-organizers
Suk Joong Kang (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KR)
Karel Maca (Brno University of Technology, CZ)
Sylvain Marinel (University ofCaen Basse-Normandie, FR)
Jose I. Peña (University of Zaragoza, ES)
Peter Tatarko (Slovak Academy of Sciences, SK)