Ceramics in Cultural Heritage and Art

Symposium organizer

José Delgado Rodrigues

Co-local symposium organizer

Celestino Grifa

Co-local symposium organizer

Carmine Lubritto

The symposium will focus on ceramic and glass materials as cultural heritage objects, by addressing, although not limited to, the following subjects: characterisation of materials by invasive, non-invasive or micro-invasive methods,origin of raw materials, manufacturing technologies, decay mechanisms, conservation materials and methods. In addition, “immaterial aspects”, such as trading, authorship, heritage values, and social interactions of ceramics heritage will also be considered.
Contributionson a wide variety of topics, including archaeometric, deterioration and conservation studies will beaccepted.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Archaeological ceramics and glass
  • Ceramic as a construction material
  • Glazed ceramic objects and glazed tiles
  • Ceramics in the built cultural heritage
  • Stained glass
  • Ceramics in their social and cultural contexts

Symposium organizer
José Delgado Rodrigues (LNEC (ret.), PT)
Local symposium co-organizers
Celestino Grifa (University of Sannio, IT)
Carmine Lubritto (University of Campania, IT)
Symposium Co-organizers
Maria Letizia Amadori (University of Urbino, IT)
Luca Bochicchio (University of Genova, IT)
Bruno Brunetti (University of Perugia, IT)
Manuel Garcia-Heras (CCHS-CSIC, ES)
Augusta Moniz Lima (Nova University of Lisbon, PT)
Alexandre Pais (DGPC, PT)
Sílvia Pereira (National Laboratory of Civil Engineering, PT)
Michela Spataro (British Museum, GB)
Rasool Vatandoust (Azad University, IR)
Marius Vendrell (University of Barcelona, ES)
Ángeles Villegas (CCHS-CSIC, ES)